Everything is Better with a Fried Egg On Top

20 Jul Featured Image -- 1912

Originally posted on Rantings of an Amateur Chef:

Question: What foods are better with a fried egg on top?

Answer: According to the site BuzzFeed – everything!

I would have to agree. Here is a sampling from their list of 19 foods that are better with a fried egg on top:

  • Ravioli
  • Roast Beef Hash
  • Hamburger
  • Korean Rice Bowl
  • Polenta
  • Waffle BLT
  • Asparagus
  • Udon Noodles
  • Pizza

Take a look at the whole list here.

Grilled Cheese and Fried Egg Sandwiches

Photo Dec 08, 11 41 08 AM copy - Featured Size

Oh yeah, another one for the list, grilled cheese.

Photo Dec 08, 10 29 32 AM

Eggs, cheese, bacon, bread – you can’t go wrong.

Photo Dec 08, 11 33 35 AM

I had bacon so I used that in place of the pancetta.

Photo Dec 08, 11 34 16 AM

Almost a three-way ting/yang symbol.

Photo Dec 08, 11 36 48 AM

Building the sandwiches.

Photo Dec 08, 11 38 23 AM

Topped with butted bread so I can flip them and get a nice toasted top.

Photo Dec 08, 11 38 57 AM

Oh yeah!

Photo Dec 08, 11 41 13 AM

Perfect for breakfast or lunch!

Grilled Cheese and Fried Egg Sandwiches

prep 4 mins ∙ cook 7 mins ∙ makes 4 ∙…

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Home & Still Coping

22 Apr 20140422-123720.jpg

Well, for those who have been following Jody on Facebook, you know we spent 16 days in the hotel, now we are home and waiting on State Farm to get the rest of the work approved and finished. It has been a long and egregious process, but a learning experience all the same.

Some fun updates:

Sam is ready for her sophomore year at Bradley, she has some great classes lined up and is back to drawing. She is happy with her iPhone, friends and doing well in her classes. She will take AP science and math next year, so some summer school is in order. She is on the outs with her dad, which makes me sad, but she will get things in order, I have faith in her.

Juliette is loving play dates, time with friends, beanie boos and her latest favorite meal is mussels – most kids I know won’t touch those! School is going well and she is loving gym and art.

Josephine is ready for kindergarten – her and her sister will start at a new school and ride the bus, they are so excited. Josephine has been working so hard to fit in with the big kids, count to twenty and say her ABC’s. She loves to help cook and is talking away.

Kevin and I are plugging along, keeping up with three girls is hard. He has a new computer and desk set-up, now if he can only find time to use it and I have farmers markets, a new job and essential oils keeping me busy plus the kids!

My weight loss is at a standstill, but we are eating better and keeping active with the dog too.

All in all, family is good – we had a nice Easter with my family near Cleveland and look forward to their birthday & Mother’s Day visit in May.

Hugs to everyone,

The Morgan & Davis Clan

Hotel Life

31 Mar

Go stay in a hotel they said, it will be fun they said, get away from your routine they said…after ten nights and counting, I want my life back!

Some of you know, but others don’t ~ we had what we thought was a small electrical fire at the house a couple of weeks back. Well, what you could see as far as damage goes was small, but the further into the walls our electrician got the more problems.

With that said, the house has been without heat for 9+ days and our family of five, plus Pippa have been at the Drury Inn in Dublin trying to remain sane.

This of course happened right as Spring Break started for the kids and threw a major wrench in all of our plans.

So, we have made the best of it, doing different things we could all do, swimming, going to the park, COSI and of course going out to eat, because we don’t have a kitchen here at the hotel either.

Now, the Drury Inn has been amazing and very accommodating. We have a great breakfast each morning and Kevin and I get three free drinks at night while the kids chow down on the least healthiest food ever. I am grateful Juliette has opted for salad and a baked potato twice and Josephine likes carrots and celery, so they do get some healthy food in.

The girls have enjoyed a friends birthday party, getting their nails done, lots of swimming, trying new foods, staying up late, playing with Beenie Boos, American Girl dolls, seeing Sesame Street Live (this was all Josephine), teaching classes with me and seeing their friends during break, all from a hotel room.

It has been an adventure and we are ready to go home. Maybe Wednesday…

Kids go back to school today, so it will be a day of change for all of us and it will all be done from our hotel room.

Here are some pictures of the fun we have been having:





















Grandma was Here

24 Mar

Well, last week was kinda crazy, we had a long awaited visit from grandma.

The girls were so excited and we had such a good time in the short amount of time she was with us.

From watching grandma put makeup on and having some put on themselves to playing hooky and going to the American Girl store, they were all over grandma and followed her every move.

Sam and I had some time to spend with each other too and even Kevin joined in the all girl fun for dinner. (I am pretty sure he was happy he missed the American Girl store)

It was nice having her for 4 nights and even though I didn’t get to cook a single meal for her (which made me sad, but on the other hand, we went to Melted and Max & Ermas).





Those are a few of my favorites from our trip to American Girl and Max & Ermas.

Here are a few more from our time with grandma!





It was a great visit, albeit too short and we were all sad to say goodbye, but the memories (and pictures) will last forever.

Thank you for the fun grandma! We love you!


Things I am learning in Girl Scouts…

16 Mar


I signed up to be a troop leader when Juliette was in 1st grade, she was a Daisy and they needed more leaders, so I signed on.  The first year I learned a lot of lessons that I took into account when staying on board to be a troop leader for a second year.

First, not all parents are created equal – just because a girl in your troop is sweet, kind and enjoyable, it doesn’t mean the parents are.

Second, parents are into scouts WAY MORE than the kids sometimes.

Third, parents want to be involved, but don’t want the responsibility, so instead, they look over your shoulder.

At the end of the year I learned the following:

1.  If you don’t like how I do things as the leader, take your ball and go home (which many parents did)

2.  If you want to help, then ask for SPECIFIC help, don’t just willy nilly ask.

3.  Love what you are doing, it makes the meetings go by faster and the parents less likely to annoy you.

Now, we are a little more organized, in our second year of scouting, we are Brownies.  Big time stuff folks!  These girls want to sell cookies, earn bling, get badges, participate in activities and have FUN.  What a change from year one to year two.  The parents are AMAZING and as a troop of 8, the girls get along, even though they are all from different schools, they don’t form cliques and don’t pair off.  It is great.  I have an amazing co-leader, who even though she doesn’t have a girl in the group, she is right there holding my hand and helping me through my first year doing fall sales and now cookie sales.  It is not as easy as one may think.

So, last year I learned about parents, how to treat them, what to expect (or not expect) and how to get the troop organized and set up.  This year I am learning about girls, girl conflicts, girl personalities and how all second grade girls are not created equal.  Not everyone wants to do everything, and I need to accept that as hard as it is.  Not every girl is as loud, talkative or outspoken as I am, and that is okay.  As a group, all girls get along, in pairs (or threes) that is not the case, pick your battles and divide and conquer.

I love my troop and I love what we have been doing this year, they have learned some amazing things so far and have really bonded over some fun experiences.  They have been great at selling cookies and the parents have been equally amazing at being so supporting and understanding.

It is a continual learning process – I learn something new each week, sometimes each day.  I can’t believe how much these girls teach me about myself and I am grateful for every second that I learn from them.

Thank you to the girls, their parents and all of those who support Girl Scouts.  Thanks to you, I am learning more about myself and more about being a leader than I ever thought I would learn.

Cookie pictures

Quick Family Update

12 Mar images
Well, I have been neglecting my family blog here because we have been on the go time and time again, day after day and weekend after weekend, with Girl Scouts, play dates, work and family activities.

Here are some updates on what we have been up to:


He is working a contract at OCLC and enjoying every day of it.  There are some great people working there and he really is happy going to work each day.  He does like that he is home at a decent hour and not traveling so much.  He has been working on his personal computer business and is enjoying building and working on computers still.


School is almost over – thank goodness.  She is making it through Honors English and looking forward to placing into Honors Math and Science next year.  She is looking at the veterinary program at OSU and some summer programs coming up as well.  Her and Josh get along great and her friends are pretty great as well.  She is adjusting, albeit with some issues here and there, and is finding her way as a teenager!  She has been helping with Girl Scouts and wants to get back into ice skating.


She is in Girl Scouts and selling cookies right now, she seems to like it, but there are days when she wants to just play and draw.  Art classes will be starting back up again and she is thinking about some Summer Camp ideas.  She is really liking the red worms that they have in their classroom at school and has taken a new interest in dressing herself and doing her own hair.  It is pretty cute when you see the combos she comes up with.


Counting and spelling her name are becoming daily habits and her vocabulary has expanded immensely.  She likes having play dates and spending time with friends.  Gymnastics is over, so she is going to start swimming soon to help conquer her fear of getting her face wet.  Coloring is her new hobby, she comes home each day and draws and colors for hours.

Our Pets

We have Pippa our rescue dog, she is a beagle/basset and so loving.  It is so funny how possessive she is over Kevin and I, she is not happy when anyone is near us, she likes to be the center of attention.

Sherbet & Huey are still hanging around, like father, like son most days.  They seem to love sleeping on the girls beds and soaking up the sun most days.  They are like two peas in a pod and go everywhere together.

Placido should go back soon to live with Jeff, Barb and James, as they are back in the states permanently.

Wookie is a poor cat we are fostering that came in from the outside and is learning to be domesticated.  He is sweet and loving, but the outside has damaged him and he is having a hard time adjusting to the inside.

As for me, I am now a graduate of IIN and a Certified Holistic Health Coach as well as a Peer Support Specialist in Mental Health.  I am now a Young Living Distributor and working to teach families about the benefits of eating well and having an active lifestyle.

We are preparing for some busy weeks ahead and hopefully we will get through cookie booths, teaching classes, fixing computers, family visits and so much more.

So, there is a little bit about what our Family of Five are up to and hopefully more to come as I work to update our readers each week.

Until next time :-)


Treat, by Shutterfly

6 Feb

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner folks, you literally have ONE WEEK to get your sweetheart the perfect card.  If you are like me you enjoy sending cards to everyone on your list, mom, grandma, dad, husband, friend and those that make you smile!  Order your card by 11am PT on 2/10 to get it in time for Valentine’s Day!

Treat, by Shutterfly allows you to send a card from home, add some pictures, edit text, change picture effects and add a gift card if you want – all from your couch to their mailbox.

Some cards are as low as $1.99 and remember, they get can mailed to their destination, no worries about having to buy stamps and mail them yourself.  This to me is a huge convenience factor and makes sending personalized (and fun) so easy!

There are a wide variety of Valentine’s Day options.  I loved looking through them all and seeing all the different choices I could add pictures to.  I settled that I was going to make a card for my mom, my best friend, Kevin and his daughters (I received 5 free cards from Treat.com as compensation for this post, however all opinions are my own) then will go back and make one for Samantha, Kevin’s mom and another friend or two!

Treat Valentine's Day

This was one of the first cards I loved, I opted to send this to Josephine:

Treat Josephine

This is going to my special BFF:

Treat Rachel

I can’t show you Kevin’s or he won’t be surprised!

However, here is a sneak peek of my mom’s (because she never looks at my website):

Treat Mom

Now, if you are more on the adventurous side, you can personalize a mug and send some Ghiradelli chocolate to the sweetie in your life too!  These looked so good!

treat Ghiradelli

Treat is an online service where customers can create one-of-a-kind personalized greeting cards from your PC or iPhone and they will print and mail it for you.  No more missed birthdays, long checkout lines or last-minute drugstore dashes.  This is great for every holiday, event or reason you can imagine.  A Treat card is an easy and convenient solution for being more thoughtful (which means pass this on to the men in your life).

For those that are first time customers, you can enjoy 3 cards for $6.00.  Use code TREATLUV at checkout.*

I really love this website and think that they have done an amazing job at creating an easy and affordable way to send personalized cards to family, friends and co-workers.

Take a minute and check them out!

*Offer expires 2/28/2014 at 11:59 pm (PT). Enjoy three (3) greeting cards for $6 using code TREATLUV at checkout. Customer must be a first-time Treat customer and credit card information is required for validation. Postage and tax may apply. This offer is valid for one transaction only and any quantity not used in the transaction will be forfeited. Offer applies exclusively to greeting cards and is not applicable to gifts, gift cards, Treat Card Club packs, previously placed orders, taxes or postage fees. Offer is only valid on treat.com and cannot be used on the Treat Cards for iPhone app or partner websites. To prevent fraud or abuse, we reserve the right to discontinue or modify this offer or cancel any order.

Disney’s Frozen Sing-A-Long

30 Jan

Well, if you are anything like me you have girls who are in love with Elsa and the movie Frozen.  My girls can’t get enough of the music and want to go see it over and over and over again.


I am actually looking forward to this weekend when the sing-a-long version is out in theaters and we get to take the girls to see it.

If you want a sneak peek – check this out:

If you are looking to buy tickets – check out Fandago:



Do You Need a Prom Dress?

23 Jan

Like many of you, I have a teenager, she is totally into dances at school and making sure she looks nice.  However, taking her to store after store to shop for dresses is a royal pain in the rear end.  Most of the time she has no idea what she is looking for and would respond with “I will know what I want when I see it”.  Let’s just say I am exasperated at this point and am grateful there are sites like Dress First that have a wide variety of dresses for prom and other special occasions to choose from.

My teen is petite and is not into the long dresses, because lets be honest, she would need to have it hemmed and that is a pain too.  She found these three dresses that she was interested in:


She really liked these dresses and actually, so did I.  There are a lot of dresses out there to choose from and I know that as a teen you want to be unique and one of a kind when it comes to any formal dance that you attend.  Prom 2014 is right around the corner, you need to start looking now to make sure you get the best selection!  It is nice that you can order online, look at the different views of each dress, pick from a variety of colors and styles and do it from home.

If you are looking for any other special occasion, wedding, dance, reunion or if you are like me and require something special, like plus size dresses, or are looking for a sweetheart dress, Dress First has you covered.

I was able to find reasonably priced dresses, with a generous return policy – this was great, especially when you have a picky teen like I do.

You can follow Dress First on Twitter and Facebook – keep up with all the new trends

Making Pasta at Home

21 Jan

For Christmas I received the pasta maker from KitchenAid – I was tickled pink! I have been wanting to make my own pasta for a while and unfortunately just don’t have the ability to roll out pasta like it needs to be by hand.

So, I took my first stab at making pasta – all I needed was eggs, flour and water!


Had to make sure I had extra flour ready, it should help with keeping the pasta from sticking!


The first few times through were hard, the sheets were coming out rubbery and splotchy, so I had to figure out my technique first!

Once I did that, the sheets were beautiful!


Then came time to make NOODLES! I chose spaghetti for the meal we were having – I didn’t realize how much pasta one batch was going to make!



(By the way, don’t mind the dirty dishes in the sink, this was a very impromptu photo op)

Once the pasta was cut and in the water boiling, I had scallops and veggies with some seasoned olive oil ready to go to finish the meal.

Josephine helped me and everyone enjoyed it in the end!


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